Choosing a career is not easy, sticking to it and knowing if it is for you is also difficult. Having the confidence to approach the job, talk to people, and advocate for yourself is most difficult. 

DiverseK is here to help you through all of these challenges. There are tons of resources here to help you through this journey. Check out the amazing courses and available products for you


DiverseK was born to support the vast majority of students, recent graduates, and early career professionals in Africa(but not limited) who are interested in a career in technology but have difficulty navigating.


A near-future where DiverseK has helped millions of students successfully choose and plan their career paths in tech.

Core values

Get you out of your career dilemma

Support you through your career journey

Help you get that career satisfaction you desire

About Me

I’m Khaulat Ayomide Abdulhakeem  but you can call me Khaulat.

There’s one major thing that brings me a lot of joy besides listening to a very nice song from Sam Smith. That is the positive feedback or success story I hear from people I have helped in one way or the other, especially with their careers.

So I thought, why not bring myself more joy and help more people? Then I created this platform.

A little back story about how I founded DiverseK;
As someone people(especially students) always come to for advice regarding their career, the numbers increased! (Blame it on COVID) and because I was always very excited to jump on it, help make corrections, figure out areas of interest and define goals, I didn’t hesitate to jump on creating the DiverseK platform

I enjoy building new things

Did I forget to mention that the joy that fills me from getting their positive feedback after following my guidance is out of this world? Now you know

I am also an Instructor at LinkedIn Learning! I love to teach!

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I focus on helping students and recent graduates navigate their dream tech careers by providing helpful free resources, career consultation, and amazing interviews with professionals.

My career journey has not been a straight path. After completing high school, I wanted to study Medicine. I applied, passed the first two stages of the exams, and didn’t meet the cut-off mark for the final stage. At that time, I felt very sad. I thought I had failed in life.

That was the first point of major reflection for me in my life. I came to realize that I disliked the sight of blood and I don’t like hospital environments. Why did I then go for Medicine?

Peer Pressure.

Directly or indirectly, our decisions are influenced by different external forces. But when do we realize what we really want for ourselves without letting the external factors affect those decisions?

I quickly realized that I liked to create things, I was fascinated by how things work. Then I wrote an A-levels examination and got accepted directly into my second year to study Mechatronics Engineering! I was among the top 5 on the list! How did that happen? It was what I was really interested in.

Being the curious person that I am, I read a lot of articles and started to come across Artificial Intelligence. Having no initial idea of what AI was, I was very fascinated. I started learning to code, reading books, and taking free courses online.

Shortly after, I founded a community, AI Abeokuta in my city when I realized there was nobody around me who was into Artificial Intelligence. I started to organize meetups in cohorts that lasted 16 weeks. Surprisingly, the first cohort had more than 50 attendees! What more motivation did I need? This sped up my learning process because I had over 50 people who kept showing up to learn from me.

The second cohort had over 160 registered participants! This of course wouldn’t have been possible without my amazing team that helped put all these together.

If you met me early in the year 2020, my career direction and future ambition was to be an Artificial Intelligence Researcher working on Autonomous vehicles with companies like Google. It is a great ambition and I was actively working towards it. But now, I help others navigate their career as it is something I know how to do and love!

Your career can change and it’s all right. Find what you love to do and go for it!


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