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What DiverseK is all about

DiverseK is on a mission to help students and recent graduates navigate their dream tech careers by providing free helpful resources, career consultation, and interviews with industry experts.

Core Values

Core Values

Get you out of your career dilemma

Support you through your career journey

Help you get that career satisfaction you desire

Program Tracks

These are for specific tech career paths. What field in tech are you in or want to get into? Imagine a track where you get the guidance and resources you need to get job-ready!


These are hands-on and peer-led workshops where you get to work alongside others to solve specific career-related problems.


These are short courses from LinkedIn Learning on a wide range of career development topics.


You would definitely need one of these at some point to aid your career development. Check them out!


DiverseK is a resource hub. Check out all the resources available to you for free!

About Founder

Besides listening to Sam Smith’s songs(hope you’re a fan), Khaulat is filled with joy from the positive feedback and success stories from people she has helped in one way or the other with their careers.

Why not bring herself more joy while helping others?! This was how DiverseK was founded. With her background in Artificial Intelligence, a career she build right from college while navigating the struggles of being a student, and the unexpected pandemic in the year 2020 which made it very obvious to students that life doesn’t just transform after graduation, and you don’t get a job automatically without the initial work like upskilling and networking, she believes DiverseK is all students and recent graduates need.


If you’re a student or recent graduate trying to kickstart or navigate your career in technology, you’re in the right place!

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